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We will develop a creative scenario and will make a promotional video that will increase your profits!

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The simplest and most effective way to get information about the offered goods or services over to the audience is the creation of video advertising. Our company has provided services in this field since 1996, and has gained a reputation during this period of a responsible partner.

We offer:

  1. Creation of video clips
  2. Corporate videos
  3. Video shooting of concerts and shows
  4. Documentary and Fiction Film
  5. Creation of video advertising
  6. 2D & 3D Animation video

Thanks to modern technical equipment, our shooting team uses the most unusual and interesting angles while performing aerial video and photo shooting.

Video presentations made by the specialists of our company will provide a perfect demonstration of the benefits of the offered product or service. The quality of the advertising materials affects also the attitude to the company, so we use the best efforts to create a positive image of the product.

Benefits of cooperation with us:

  1. Professional approach
  2. Creative ideas and their intelligent implementation
  3. High-quality equipment
  4. Reasonable prices
  5. Individual approach to each client

The production of advertising videos involves a variety of things. As a result, the client receives a competently performed video advertising, which is able to attract potential customers.

Production of video clips is becoming a major focus of any advertising campaign because the video sequence affects hearing, sight and is always well memorized. Our video clips, music videos and promotional movies – make a step towards the success of your business.

Our Services

The high level of our offered service is the result of the work of a team of professionals, who are passionate about their work, experienced and equipped with the advanced technology for photo and video shooting and for the creation of video clips.

Video shooting of concerts and shows
The multi-camera video shooting, which is provided by our studio, will allow capturing not only what is happening on the stage, and from different angles, but also the response of the audience, and will not miss a single nuance of the held event. Info
Production of video advertising
The presence of high-quality professional equipment in our studio allows using unusual angles, techniques and visual effects in the course of the production of advertising videos, which will make your video advertising really creative. Info
Video presentations
When viewing a video presentation, a potential customer is unwittingly associating its quality with the quality of the offered product or service. We will produce a real high-status video presentation in order to create a positive image of your product. Info
Corporate video
The objective of such video is describe the company so that the viewer has an overwhelming desire to cooperate with this company. You can safely entrust us with this task. Info
Aerial video and photo shooting
You need shots taken from unusual angles or from high height? Our studio has the equipment, which allows obtaining such videos. Price request
Musical videos
Not only technical equipment, but also a good direction and creative approach of the shooting team are necessary to create a unique style of the music video - and we have them. Info
Video projecting equipment
Any production of the video clip is impossible without a good video projection equipment. The company uses only high-quality equipment, which guarantees perfect image of the footage. Price request
Camera crane rent
Camera crane is required for the shooting of advertising videos, holidays and mass events. Significant boom reach allows capturing a larger angle, and a joystick easily controls a three-axis electronic panning head. Price request
Video shooting with the stabilization system steadicam
Creation of video clips involves the movement of camera in different directions. The system, which is stabilizing the mobile video equipment – Steadicam - will not allow missing any important shot. Price request
Studio photo/video shooting
Creation of advertising videos in the pre-prepared studio, where the decorations and lighting are always competently chosen. Professional operator is able to catch with the camera lens even the flicker of eyelashes. Info
Production of tv programs
Production of video clips, careful processing of the footage and editing of the TV program. Professional compilation of shots allows keeping only the most interesting moments. Price request
Documentary feature films
Professional video creation for feature and documentary films, selection of the optimal angle and interesting background. In case of shooting in the studio – creation of original decorations. Price request
Animation and graphics
Computer graphics for the creation of the advertising video clips. Processing of the material, application of modern technologies and creation of live animation. Professional skills + 3D graphics = production of advertising video clips. Info
Advertising photos
Sometimes video advertising is associated with the creation of advertising photos. It is never a problem for the professional studio operators. The customer can choose the most favorite options, then the order is processed to the end. Info
Design and creation of corporate style
Visual component of the brand - corporate identity of any company. The successful business depends exactly on the effect produced by this stylistic decision. Creation of advertising is often associated with the development of design and corporate style for the client. Price request
Website development
Competently developed resource has a high conversion, it regularly brings profit to its owner. This involves the creation of video clips, the development of the “body” of the website and filling with the content. Info
Adaptation and synchronization of the content
Creation of the advertising video clips is just half the battle. They are still required to be competently synchronized by adding their own recognizable “face”. It is not easy to adapt advertising to the target audience, and its memorability depends on the competent content synchronization. Price request
Video courses
Organization of courses for the mastering of the creation of video advertising: clips, films, websites, etc. Mastering of all secrets of the skill. About video course
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Our portfolio

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Our clients

Thanks to the studio Videoservice for the film about wine production in CHÂTEAU FAUGÈRES(St. Emillion). The film has been made in the shortest time, professionally and of high quality.