Aerial photography: video advertising, corporate videos and much more...

Videos and photos from the bird's-eye panorama provide unique opportunities for the creation of the advertising products. They guarantee the interest of the viewer, innovative approach, and most significantly - unique shots with a variety of amazingly entertaining and precise details. That is why aerial photography is becoming popular day by day.

You will not have to use templates - we offer unusual photos from a height and videos that will allow your advertising to stand out among the competitors.

Use aerial photography for real estate sale and realize the effectiveness of this method:

  1. Videos from a height present any object in a favorable light;
  2. Certain angle focuses attention on the required building;
  3. All benefits of architectural solutions and location will be emphasized. Presented photos can be used as illustrations for the trendy articles and advertising booklets.
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Undeniable benefits of aerial photography

  1. Coverage of the maximum area of the desired zone.
  2. High level of detalization of the objects.

The lens includes not just the object of interest, but also the peculiarities of the surrounding area. Only aerial photography allows you getting the most accurate information about the peculiarities of the landscape and objectively evaluating the relative position of the objects.

Aerial photography in the corporate video

Aerial photography will make a vivid and memorable video about the company values, achievements of the team, products and the production process.

Potential customers will feel interest and confidence. Inspiration of the employees will contribute to the strengthening of the corporate culture.

Corporate video allows achieving effective number of associations with the company, its image and brand. Investors, partners and likeminded people will get visual confirmation of the benefits of the long-term cooperation with you.

Why to choose us?

Production of video advertising in our company has obvious benefits:

  1. Aerial photography is produced “turnkey” - design and planning, precise execution, high-quality processing in full compliance with the wishes of the client;
  2. We provide a wide range of products: viewing photos, photoplans, relief profiles, 3D-digital reliefs;
  3. You will get the materials in any desired format.

In addition, you can always rely on great service and efficiency of the performance of any task.