Video Filming on a chroma key with a teleprompter.

What is Chroma Key? What equipment do we use while shooting? We will answer these and other questions in this issue. In this video we filmed the speech of the Spanish Ambassador to Latvia.

Chromakey has long been one of the main elements in studio video filming. As a rule, this is a green or blue background, which we can change to any other during the editing process. Instead of a green background, it can, like any other color, or complex graphic animation. Chromakey is a great solution for creating videos on a small budget, since you do not need to spend on searching and renting locations. Chromakey has a wide range of uses and can be used to replace backgrounds on social media or TV shows.


Studio lighting is also indispensable in studio videography. The main advantage of studio lighting is that it can be transported, adjusted, and produced. In the shooting of this video, we used 4 studio lights, 2 directed at the person and two at the chroma key, in order to more successfully separate the person and the background for replacement at the video editing stage.


Quite often we offer our clients teleprompter services. This is a screen that displays pre-written text. This greatly facilitates the work of the announcer or presenter. A great option for those who do not have time to study the text. Such teleprompters are often used in shows, on TV shows, and even for filming content on YouTube.


We made a sound recording on a lapel microphone. This is a convenient radio system with which you can record high quality sound. A huge plus of this device is its small size. You can simply hang it on your clothes.

All this, like many others, you can either rent at the Videoservice studio, or order a service with our specialist