Top 5 Free Online Video Editors

Every day, social media users download millions of terabytes of video material. Basically, this is a video advertising, entertainment videos, such as video blogs, shows, music videos and many other contents. But behind the finished video, which is viewed by an Internet user, hides many hours of work of video filming, editing and overlaying graphics.

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Video editing is no longer considered the exclusive domain of professional studios and editors. However, if a person does not want to delve into the basics of editing, then our studio will be happy to help with the creation of private and corporate video. With the development of technology, video editing has become available to anyone. And with the advent of high-quality and inexpensive video cameras, which are also found in any modern smartphone, the demand for video editing is growing at the speed of light.

Any person, who in the presence of a smartphone, tablet, or computer - a potential video editor.

Which video editor should you choose?

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In this article we will tell you about the 5 best online video editors for your computer in our opinion. This topic is particularly useful for novice video editors, and those, who do not want to spend a lot of time and money on installation of video, for example, from your vacation.

It is worth mentioning, that in order to work in online video - editors require a stable and high-quality internet - connection, because working with the video comes on the server and when a network error, all your efforts will be in vain.

So, you have decided to mount his first video in my life, shot while walking along the beach, but since you are not a professional editor, the specifications of your computer does not allow you to work in the video installed on your computer - editors. For this, many different free video editors for beginners have been invented.

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№1 Online video editor Movie Maker

The free service, which does not require registration and does not have the presence of the watermark in the finished video. One of the best services, video editing, which is perfect for creating unpretentious video blogs, presentations or simply gluing the highlights. This service allows you to create GIF - videos, animations, and slide - show. Also, there is a large library with free music and stock images, which further facilitate your work.

It should be noted that this service is, like most other video - editors are designed to create video medium length. If you want to edit a movie, downloading the finished video will take a very long time.

In Movie Maker Online, you can:

  1. Trim video
  2. Merge video
  3. Edit video
  4. Create a slide - show
  5. Create a Movie
  6. Rotate video
  7. Speed up or slow down video
  8. Mirror your video
  9. Video Blur
  10. Add music to video
  11. Reverse video
  12. Make video in grayscale
  13. Make a video transitions
  14. Add video effects
  15. Add text to the video
  16. Add a background video


№2. Popular online video editor ClipChamp

A very popular video editor for video editing, where you can also convert video and record video from the web - camera. The platform has a simple and intuitive interface that even a rare visitor of the World Wide Web can understand. When rendering a video, you can send the finished file not only to your computer, but also to Google Drive, as well as other cloud storage providers. The free version of the service allows you to export the finished video without watermarks only in 480 P resolution, which is a small drawback. ClipChamp has wide versatility, but for the more advanced "chip" you all - still have to buy a subscription.

In ClipChamp you can create:

  1. Video advertising to Facebook
  2. YouTube video
  3. Instagram video ads
  4. Video slide - show
  5. Video preview to Facebook
  6. Video preview to YouTube
  7. Video memes
  8. Installation video

Available video editing tools:

  1. Edit
  2. Shrink
  3. Convert
  4. Rotation
  5. Trimming
  6. Recording with the web - camera
  7. Record screen
  8. Mobile application

Available service rates can be viewed here.

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№3. Free online video editor VideoToolbox

Free online video - editor, with which you can create high-quality videos for personal and commercial use. In this service also has a recording function from the web - camera, which makes it possible to do guides or tutorials, lectures, or training videos. Key features of the service - processing of files up to 1500 MB, the download videos from more than 20 online sites, such as Youtube, Vimeo and others, as well as the processing of the files of all popular formats.

In VideoToolBox, you can:

  1. Process video files up to 1500 MB.
  2. Convert files between all popular video formats
  3. Analyze the video files and obtain information about the codec, bit rate, frame rate and so on.
  4. Trim video
  5. Record video from a web - camera
  6. Add embedded subtitles to your video file

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№4 Wideo - service for creating video presentations

Great service for creating video presentations or animated video style advertisements. It is widely used in the marketing plan, which will help you save on advertising for their business. This service is not a video editor, it is a tool for creating animated videos. In the library of this site there are a variety of templates for the video to suit all tastes and themes, and the ability to select the aspect ratio, that is not often seen in online video - editors. Wideo allows you to upload your files in jpg,. png and gif, but you won't be able to add a video file.

However, most of the online services of installation, so this is not absolutely free, if you want to create an animation on a regular basis, most likely you will need an enhanced version of the service, which costs money.

With Wideo you can do:

  1. Explanatory video
  2. Video demo applications
  3. Introductory Video
  4. Marketing Video
  5. Presentation
  6. Animation Pro software
  7. Recruitment video

Available service rates can be viewed here.


№5 Online editing in Magisto

Popular online - manufacturer of the video, which will automatically make a beautiful film and promotional video footage from boring. This service is very easy to perceive the interface and simple tools, that will allow you to create a truly good video.

To create a video, you can add your own videos and photos, and use ready-made video - patterns on different topics, from wedding videos to commercials.

A characteristic feature of the service - a cross - platform, which allows you to use the service on any device. We started to edit the video on a computer, continued on the phone - it's very convenient and modern.

Ready video you can directly share on social networks, if you want to save the final video to a computer - have to pay the fare or invite a friend, to get one free download.

In Magisto has the following features:

  1. The creator of online video
  2. Video Creator for fitness
  3. Video Creator birthday
  4. Wedding video maker
  5. Creator cooking video
  6. Video Maker for Instagram
  7. The creator of the slide - show
  8. Video creator for social networks
  9. Creator promo - video
  10. Video Editor Android
  11. The Video Maker for iPhone
  12. The Video Maker for Shopify
  13. Vimeo Create



Is there a best free online video - editor? In our subjective opinion, no. Each of the editors for the online is good for installation - his, has its pros and cons. Before selecting the editor, in which you will work, you need to understand, what the size and duration of the video you want to do. Of course, all these services are a good start for novice video editors, bloggers and those who simply want to glue all the brightest moments of their vacation, which they remembered only during the analysis of the material itself.

Unfortunately, while developing in video editing, free online editors will not provide high quality and progressiveness in the content offered to the consumer.

Pursuing the creation of video on a serious basis, you can hardly do without a good video editor, such as Adobe of Premier Pro, Final Cut (FCPX), Sony the Vegas Pro, and so on.


But what to do, if you have no desire and time for video editing?

Our studio Videoservice offers online editing services at the best prices. Whether it's a video blog, promotional video, video presentation or that - something else - we'll take care of high-quality processing of your footage. Our motto is simple: You shoot, we edit. You can order online editing by writing to our bot or by calling (+371) 27533334.