Top 5 professional video editors

A video editor is a tool with which all video content is created. From video blogs and advertisements to Christmas cartoons - all this is created in professional video editors, in which you will need time and even money for online courses and the purchase of the software itself.

And in case you do not want to create a video yourself, we will edit any private or corporate video for you.

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It should be noted that there is a difference between video editors and programs for creating 3D graphics and animation. In this article we will talk specifically about professional video editors.

Often people have a question: how much does it cost to edit a video? And when you get an answer to your question, indignantly tell yourself: for that kind of money, I'd rather make a video myself. But at this moment you forget that you need to buy a video editor, as well as spend a lot of time and money on paid courses on video editing lessons. If we compare the time spent, the price and the quality obtained, it turns out that ordering the video from a professional video editing studio was not such a bad idea.

High-quality video is important, but video editing is a process that helps create dynamics, impact and bring the film to its final point. Working with each frame in a video sequence, with music and sound, effects - all this can be done in professional video editors!

Do not be afraid that they cost money, but for that, you are guaranteed to get all the necessary functions for creating cool video ads or, for example, processing the unboxing of a purchased action camera.

Best professional video editors according to Videoservice studio.

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Video editor Adobe Premier Pro

The best video editor? Everyone knows that Adobe knows how to make quality products in the form of various programs for any activity and video editing is no exception. Premier Pro is one of the flagships in video editing. The program supports formats up to 8K, virtual reality and even 360 video. RGB and YUV color schemes, 32-bit color depth. Premier Pro runs on Windows and macOS.

Price per month $ 20.99 (contract for a year with monthly payment).


  1. Supports most formats
  2. Very high quality color grading with the Lumetri Color tool
  3. Premier Rush - the ability to edit videos from any device
  4. Lots of free video tutorials, as the program is very popular
  5. The program is cloud-based and is always updated to the latest version.


  1. Demanding on resources
  2. Frequent failures
  3. Time-consuming to learn

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Professional video editor Apple Final Cut Pro X

Professional video editor for Mac. Just like the previous editor, Final Cut supports virtual reality and video 360. It should be noted right away that this program was made by Apple, which means it is tailored to work with the operating system macOS. For Windows lovers, this option will not work. This program does not have a monthly subscription, so you will have to give the residents of Cupertino $ 299.99 straight away.


  1. Supports most raw formats
  2. Advanced color correction capabilities
  3. Convenient to mix a lot of camera shooting
  4. Faster than Premier Pro


  1. Large start-up costs
  2. Only available on macOS (Apple)


Video editor for beginner Vegas Pro

A very popular video editor for beginner video editors. Although this is a professional video editing program, it is often chosen by beginners because of its ease of use and less demanding on the characteristics of your computer.

Vegas Pro is very often used by video bloggers filming content on Youtube. As in the aforementioned video editors, you have the opportunity to work with 4K video, also in Vegas Pro there are professional options for grading, color correction, video stabilization and many other modern chips, the presence of which is added with the update of the program version.

When it comes to prices for Vegas, there are different options: a subscription that costs from $ 9.99 to $ 21.99


  1. Supports most audio and video formats
  2. Intuitive interface
  3. Good compatibility with budget computers


  1. No Russian language
  2. Doesn't support Mac

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Best free video editor DaVinci Resolve

It's safe to say that this is the best free video editor out of professional video editors. At the same time, the program competes on a serious level with Premier Pro in terms of functionality. Davinci Resolve is a complete tool for making movies, ads. However, if you just cut, “glue and lay down” music - this program will also come in handy.


  1. Supported by Windows, Mac, Linux
  2. Free video editor
  3. Best Nonlinear Editing Software for Color Grading


  1. Demanding on resources
  2. Few training videos on how to work in the program
  3. The full set of functions is only available in the paid version

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Inexpensive video editor AVS Video Editor

It is a professional video editing software for all key video formats. AVS has an easy to use interface, the ability to add effects, text and sounds. More than 300 video effects and transitions have been added to the program's functionality. The starting price of the program is $ 39.00.


  1. The kit includes a tutorial on working with the program
  2. Many supported video formats


  1. Macos and Linux not supported


So which of these editing programs is the best?

As in our last article on the Top 5 Free Online Video Editors, we cannot give an affirmative answer that this is exactly the best video editing software. It all depends on your budget and computer specifications.

If you are using Windows, we advise you to use Premier Pro, as this program has a wide range of capabilities and compatibility with many other Adobe services such as Adobe After Effects, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Audition, and so on. And if you are lucky enough to own a Macbook or iMac, then Final Cut Pro X is your choice, as the program was created by Apple and it is perfectly compatible with these devices.



Our studio Videoservice offers video editing services at the best prices. Whether it's a video blog or another video for social networks, a promotional video, a video presentation or something else - we will take care of the high-quality processing of your footage. You shoot - we edit! You can order video editing in the appropriate section on our website!