Video production trends in 2024

2020 has changed the world beyond recognition. And of course, video production hasn't been left out. Due to the prolonged quarantine and closure of public places, advertising banners in shops and on the streets have lost their former effectiveness. Companies have begun to advertise their product or service more actively on the Internet. Video marketing has also undergone significant changes due to the crisis and cut budgets. However, despite the difficulties, companies need fresh ideas adapted to rapidly changing market conditions.

In this article, we'll highlight video production trends in 2024!

Nowadays video marketing is used in all areas. We are used to getting acquainted with the product through live video or animated explaining video - this is easier for both the modern consumer and the company that wants to recommend its product.

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Long presentation videos - end of an era

For several years now, short video ads or presentations have replaced long and boring videos in which all the merits of a particular product or product were spoken ten times. Remember the TV shop on the couch: there the plot dragged on even for 10-15 minutes, during which you were constantly inspired and repeated - our product is the best! To watch such a long video, a person had to find time.

It is much better to watch a short promo video, possibly also in the form of animation or infographics, which will last no more than one minute. Professional scriptwriters work on these projects. After watching such a video, your potential client will learn the information faster and better, and return to their previous business. Of course, if your product has characteristics of several pages, then we will offer the production of a video presentation or training video of a longer duration.


Live video presentation of the product

Agree that the presentation of a new smartphone from the manufacturer Apple every year has a huge excitement, and only a select few manage to get to this very presentation of the Iphone. The organizers of such presentations would be happy to invite everyone, but no studio or hall can accommodate all visitors. Going online is a story that has been competing for offline meetings, at product or service presentations for several years. Now, when people do not have the opportunity to attend various events, online presentations are an excellent alternative. It no longer makes sense to rent a room for conferences, seminars, presentations and even concerts. All this and much more can be recorded from the studio, as well as done online.

Live meeting

In connection with the same pandemic, the only way out for those who want to keep in touch with colleagues and arrange daily meetings is online conference broadcasts. Online meeting is very convenient, as it allows you to meet dozens of people in just a couple of hours, without leaving your home. More and more companies are arranging online meetings, doing all kinds of online events and courses. Also, streams have become very popular among representatives of different brands, because this is how they can present their new product, arrange an online fashion show, or simply communicate with the audience.

The Videoservice studio organizes video conferencing, and also creates video presentations of your product or service - we offer the organization of online events on the Internet.

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Vertical video for Instagram and Facebook

It's no secret that at the moment the Instagram platform is one of the most popular. This platform very well combines subject photography, music video presentations, vertical videos of the Stories format and much more. Many global brands have Instagram and Facebook accounts, so if you plan to present a product, you definitely need to order a video for social networks.

New product presentation

With the development of online sales, the demand for the creation of photo and video presentations of a new product has also increased. A potential buyer cannot come and look at the product, so a promotional video showing the main advantages of the product is a very popular and necessary service. To create such media material, professional product photography is required, as well as video filming, because in order to show the product, you need to shoot it beautifully, edit photos and video editing.

2D and 3D graphics are the best addition to your video presentation

Any video looks brighter and more beautiful if you add visual effects. No video presentation of a company or its product is complete without animation. For example, infographics are the calling card of any presentation video, because it is thanks to the animated graphics in the form of beautiful and accessible information, such as numbers, characteristics and statistics, that they profitably show the necessary advantage.

Often, live video is filmed with specific actions for future graphics. This method helps to combine two styles: shooting video with the participation of models and video graphics. You can see an example of a great combination of shooting with animation and infographics below.

Also, music videos that are dedicated to a specific product are now very popular. By choosing interesting locations for shooting, as well as high-quality effects in the form of 2D vector animation, 3D computer animation or motion graphics, you can create not only a presentation, but also a good video advertisement, as in the most famous brands such as Coca-Cola and Lays.

PowerPoint video presentation

Everything is new, this is well forgotten old, so we want to draw your attention to the presentation video in PowerPoint. Many people tend to think that a slide presentation is old-fashioned and very boring. This is not the case, because it all depends on creativity and professionalism. Almost everyone knows how to combine text and pictures; you don't need to be a video editor for this. But it is important to remember that the task of any presentation is to interest the audience. That is why it is important to come up with something new and follow the trends. According to statistics, in 2021, the number of Microsoft Teams and Zoom users increased dramatically. People have become more likely to conduct online conferences, online courses and online presentations. The difference between the presentations of the “past” is that before they were behind the speaker's back, and the main attention was directed at the person, now, when all presentations are on the Internet, we see first of all a slide with information, and the person is somewhere below, in a small square.

This year's PowerPoint presentation should have animation and 3D objects and should be done in the colors of your corporate style. Forget about old gradients and minimalism. Your Zoom video presentation should look professional and complete.


TikTok style

Probably each of you have heard about this application. Last year, it became mega popular all over the world, and in 2021 it will be a huge competitor to YouTube. The feature of this Chinese application is short videos, which are often filmed on a smartphone. Simple and straightforward videos gain tens of millions of views and integrating your product can bring you huge sales growth. It would seem that, despite its immense popularity, the application should still grow, but already now TikTokers have reached a new level and add aerial photography from a drone to ordinary shooting on a phone, arrange castings and choose actors for the background and write scripts, adding any product to the frame. so that it looks great. You should definitely consider advertising your product on TikTok, if, of course, your potential customers are young people.

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Selling video for social media is not a luxury, but a necessity. Studio Videoservice we will make for you any media content from video presentation to video advertising for television and social networks. You can order a film presentation of your company or product here.