Video operator - each person has his own idea of ​​this difficult and interesting profession. Some people think of people who make video clips of world stars or Hollywood films. And for some, video operators are parents from the 90s who bought their first video camera and now shoot everything that moves!

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Few people know, but in addition to video shooting, the operator needs the skills of editing the footage. Studio Videoservice offers courses for video operators in Latvia and invites everyone to learn the basics of reportage and staged shooting in a short time from qualified cameramen and directors! During the first course, we will tell you how to choose a video camera and how to work with it, analyze the main tasks of video shooting, master shooting in the studio and shoot the first work according to the scenario plan. Our course is distinguished by the maximum amount of practice - we do not tell, but show!

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And below we will announce 5 reasons why you should pay attention to the work of a video operator.

Demand for the profession

The popularity of the profession of a video operator is not discussed - this is perhaps one of the most sought-after professions in 2022 in the media space.

Every day, a modern and progressive person consumes about 35 gigabytes of information and more than half of this content is video. That is why video shooting will not lose its relevance even after 20 years.

An operator is needed everywhere: to shoot news reports, films, advertisements and videos on social networks, but more on that later..


Work may involve travel

Probably, every person dreams of traveling, and fortunately, this profession allows you to visit all corners of the world. Over the years of work, our video recording studio has traveled to different continents and made it possible to capture breathtaking shots.

Of course, a definite disadvantage of shooting away from home is the problem of transporting professional video equipment. In addition to high-quality video cameras, stabilizers and a whole bunch of memory cards, you just need to have at least one drone in your arsenal for capturing landscapes or large objects. But the emotions received from the trip will hide this small flaw.

Opportunity to realize your creative ambitions

You choose where and how you work! The video industry is so broad that everyone will find their niche. Cooking videos, car reviews, wedding films, music videos, video commercials - there are no boundaries. The main goal is to get a beautiful frame!

Of course, before starting a career as a videographer, you need to choose the equipment and it all depends on the field of activity, but at least you will have to buy a video camera. The surest option for a novice operator would be to buy a Canon EOS M50 Mark II camera, an excellent option for popular 4k shooting for relatively little money. Buying a stabilizer is highly recommended if you're shooting more than just static videos. Here, too, it all depends on your budget, we can recommend the Zhiyun Crane M3 stabilizer, an excellent value for money, which will allow you to shoot truly beautiful and smooth shots. Of course, studio lighting, tripods for video cameras and lenses are also necessary in the work of the operator, however, here everything again depends on where and how you will shoot.

If you don't have the opportunity to buy all the desired equipment for video filming, you can rent it from us! We will be happy to advise and help you choose the right option.


Ability to adjust earnings

In part, a good operator chooses how much he will earn. Of course, it all depends on the equipment used and the amount of work. It is also important to choose the right area, because, for example, an hour of video filming of a wedding will cost more than an hour of regular reportage shooting.

Don't forget about passive income. A very popular way of making money for cameramen is shooting footage for the purpose of selling it on special sites with stock files. So, for example, having visited picturesque places, a real cameraman will not be too lazy to shoot a couple of dozen beautiful shots from a drone in order to “recoup” the trip. Here are some sites where operators sell footage: elements.envato.com, shutterstock.com, videohive.net and others.

A big plus for a videographer who not only shoots beautifully, but also mounts cool. Earlier in our blog we named "TOP 5 PROFESSIONAL VIDEO EDITORS"


Blog and brand promotion

We come to the most important thing, to blogging. Thanks to video blogs, many people have become successful, however, not everyone knows how to shoot even themselves.


The use of operator skills will greatly enhance any blogging product, as well as diversify the conduct of any business. Our studio will help you improve your brand awareness through high-quality video filming and editing.