Which video ad to choose for your business?

Hello creator! Here is Arthur from Videoservice studio. In this story, I will help you choose the right way to realize the script you just wrote, taking into account your budget!
So, you have already written your creative script, but what to do next? First, you have to choose the "stars" of your show. There are two options here: actors or animated characters. Which one to choose? Let's find out right away!
The first option is actors. Your video will be like a carnival: real faces, emotions, real moments. But remember that actors, selection and rental of filming locations, as well as video editing will require large financial investments.
The second option is animated characters. Your imagination has no limits here! You will save a lot by not paying for the filming process, and at the same time, any frame in your video can be changed according to your wishes. But it is important to understand that animation also requires financial investment.
There is also a third way - it is a filmed version of the video with infographics and animation elements. Here you can use your own filmed materials or rely on the banks of video and photo frames that are available on the Internet. This format has been very relevant in recent years!
So, you've chosen your ideal option, but what's next? In the next video, we will talk about other, no less important things.

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