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Do you have draft video from your holiday, wedding, corporate party, travel or video for social networks?

Send it to us and we will make a professionally edited film out of it.

From only 79.99 65 euro

Professional video editing

How our video editing service works

Editing videos online with Videoservice really couldn't be easier! Our clients love our fast and easy process.

1 Choose rate

We offer 5 the most popular rates. You need to choose the rate suitable for your video and click on the order button.

2 Fill in the technical task

In the window that opens, you need to fill in all sections of the technical task for the editing of your video. Describe your wishes in as much detail as possible in order to get the best result!

3 Pay the video editing

Choose a convenient payment method and make a prepayment for the selected tariff. After receiving the payment, our manager will contact you and provide you with access to your personal account, where the entire video editing process will be visible.

4 Supervision of work

You will have access to a special cabinet in which the entire editing process will be visible. Right in the process of editing, you can make comments and suggestions for editing your video.

5 Get Finished Video

After fulfilling all the wishes for the editing, you can download the final video.

Choose the suitable rate for your initial video


79.99 65€
Mini clip with the best memories
Price description:
  • Download source video up to 5 GB
  • Adding 1 soundtrack
  • 0 rounds of comments
  • No soundtrack replacement possible
  • 1 minute video will be ready in 3 working days


149.99 120€
3 minute film with memorable moments
Price description:
  • 3 minute film with memorable moments up to 15 GB
  • Adding 1 soundtrack
  • Adding titles and name
  • 1 round of comments
  • 3-minute video will be ready in 5 working days


229.99 185€
Popular rate
Price description:
  • Download source video up to 25 GB
  • Adding 1 soundtrack
  • Adding titles and name
  • 2 rounds of comments
  • 3-minute video will be ready in 5 working days
  • Services can be purchased on credit in cooperation with Incredit group


329.99 265€
Professional 6-minute film from your life
Price description:
  • Download source video up to 50 GB
  • Adding 2 soundtracks
  • Adding Captions and Titles
  • 2 rounds of comments
  • 6-minute video will be ready in 6 working days
  • Services can be purchased on credit in cooperation with Incredit group


on request
Individual film editing of any complexity
Price description:
  • Editing according to the time agreed with a client, according to the script and with effects.
  • Services can be purchased on credit in cooperation with Incredit group

Why clients choose video editing in Videoservice

Working with our video editing company is very easy. Whether it's romantic wedding moments, corporate instructional videos, hours of happy family memories, or thrilling GoPro footage, we save you the hassle of editing. Contact us today and see how we can help.

Work in professional video editors

In our work, we use only professional video editing software.

High quality

Videoservice has been shooting and editing videos of any complexity for 22 years.

Simply tell us the style, duration and purpose of your video, and we will process your task.

Before starting work, we always ask our clients to fill out the technical task for video editing. The finished video will be made strictly according to the terms of the technical task.

We edit all types of digital video formats

You don't have to worry about the format of your video. We will cope with any task and advise the best solution.


Work on your video will take place in a special cabinet. Only you and your personal video editor will have access to it.

Professional film

Stabilization, color grading, effects, titles, transitions - we provide all this in the form of professionally edited video *..
*This service applies to VIP tariff and corporate video tariffs.

If you want to get started on your video project, click on the link below and we will turn your footage into a beautiful video.

Our works

Take a look at the interesting works that we have created for our clients and imagine what we could do for you!

Professional video editing services for you

Videoservice works with different types of videos and understands that each video category requires a different approach to editing. Video editing is a complex process in which we remove unnecessary parts or accidentally shot video, compare the best shots to reveal a certain meaning, select music for the video sequence, compose the footage in a meaningful sequence according to tempo and rhythm, and then decorate the video with sound and video effects.

  • Editing a wedding video

    We believe that a wedding video should reflect romance, emotions and happy events. Whether you are a wedding videographer in need of an editor or a married couple looking for a professional to edit or re-edit your wedding shots, our company will help you. If you have hours of footage on any device, even if it's an old video, we can create a unique movie that will preserve your wonderful wedding moments forever.

  • Video editing with GoPro

    Whether you are skiing on the slopes or skydiving, the footage you have shot and edited in our company will forever remain in your memory. Our video editing service means you can upload your footage and we'll edit your video so you can go through the adventure again and again!

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    Corporate video editing

    Video is a powerful tool for your business. You might want to create a compelling conference story, curriculum or tutorial, promotional video, or even just rebrand an existing video. Whatever your corporate needs, our video editing services have a solution for you.

  • Family video editing

    Choose our online video editing and we will turn your family memories into a precious video that you will love to share with your friends and store in your home video library. Whether it was filmed with a professional camera or a phone, we can put it all together. We'll add music, titles and transitions to create the perfect gift for your loved ones. Whether it's a christening or a surprise birthday - we will take care of creating an impressive video clip or movie.

  • РИО за 3 дня. Экстремальный туризм - новый формат путешествия для активных людей

    Editing videos from drones

    We love drone footage because it can be turned into fantastically unique video! Just send us your footage and we'll work on your assignment to create a dynamic and watchable video.

  • РИО за 3 дня. Экстремальный туризм - новый формат путешествия для активных людей

    Editing videos from traveling

    Keep your travel memories by using our video editing services for your holidays. Whether it's hours of fun on the beach or all the sights you've seen, we'll edit the footage so you want to watch the movie over and over again!

  • Create videos from your photos

    Send all your photos to the Videoservice team and let us turn them into an awesome video with titles, effects and music. We will do our best to create a video that you enjoy.

Frequently asked Questions

The price of a video depends on the number of files you download and the length of the video itself. At the moment we offer 5 packages of different cost and volume. By selecting the right package, you'll find out the cost of your video.

User must either pay the difference in the cost of the tariffs suitable for the volume of the original video, or provide the original video according to the specified volume of the purchased tariff, independently reducing its volume to that specified in the tariff. If this excess is not eliminated, or the payment of the difference is not made by the User within 5 (five) days after the initial payment, Videoservice returns the initial payment to the User without proceeding to editing the Material.

Yes. Our studio is engaged not only in video editing, but also in video shooting of various types. We shoot everything from commercials to big concerts.

We offer our clients sessions during which the client can express his thoughts and point out the necessary corrections. The number of such sessions depends on the chosen package of services.

Yes, we have seasonal and thematic discounts about which we inform on the website and social networks. We also have discounts for regular customers and large projects.

Our customers are given the opportunity to pay via  VISA or Mastercard card, as well as through a bank transfer. To carry out the transaction we use the the Stripe payment service.