Professional Studio Videoservice: Production of Effective Video Advertising

Video advertising is considered to be the most effective in the whole world. The client sees your product or your service on the screen and makes the decision more quickly. Our studio has been engaged in the production of video advertising for several years already. The professional directors, engineers, video editors, script writers, editors, video and camera operators are working on each project. You will never get a cheap corporate video captured on amateur camera or outdated video camera, but a high-quality video clip. We also produce professional advertising photos for websites, banners and other printed products.

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5 convincing arguments to contact the studio Videoservice

  1. In the course of the video editing we take into account the peculiarities of the video perception by the viewer. We use the classic principle of the “picture” on TV: the general view - medium – close-up - detail for one image, creative ideas for other pictures. It all depends on your task.
  2. The creative process often involves multiple videographers, who shoot from different angles, so the video quality can be edited to a good quality. They know all the details of the art of the correct frame construction.
  3. Our video engineers are able to “transform” even the corporate video of low quality so that you will be excited with the result. They are using the professional video editing software and know how to stabilize the image, enlarge the plan or remove intersound. Only the specialist knows the exact place for the special effect for it to emphasize the idea of the video clip.
  4. We will record a video presentation of your boss or phrases of the actors against the green background (this is called the background projection) in our own professional studio, and then will put any background instead of the green background on the computer, including the advertising photo or the company logo.
  5. We have a huge archive of video records - technique allows storing hundreds of thousands of gigabytes of data. Therefore, your video will live a long life. If you accidentally delete it - do not worry. We will find your video in our archive even after many years.

Almost all experts of our studio have been working on television. They have not only an invaluable experience in the production of videos for TV, but also a great desire to make a high-quality video product. It is always appreciated by our clients – well-known Latvian corporations and companies. Set your video task - and we will perform it perfectly!