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Animated video advertisement of the company MD Logistic

An animated video can perfectly cope with a intelligible story about the company and the services provided to the client!

The MD Logistic video ad is a great example.

Creating an animation clip does not require expensive resources. Here is the main advantage of this style! Casting, paying for actors, renting locations and shooting itself is something you won't spend a dime on.

A correctly stated idea, on the basis of which a text is compiled for voice-over recording, is all that is needed from the client. After the text is composed, characters are created from which the client selects the ones they like.

The script in this video serves as a ready-made text for voice acting.

Editing is the most time-consuming part of creating animated ads. By animating characters, overlaying graphics and sound design, we turn plain text with selected characters into a finished cartoon that will become a proud advertisement for your company.

Videoservice Studio is your best business promotion assistant!

Freeze frames

  • MD1
  • MD2
  • MD3
  • MD4


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