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Video instructions for filling out documents.

Do you want to introduce employees or customers to the interface of a website or program, as well as improve understanding of the correct filling of documents? Videoservice studio will make a training video for you.We are making a video tutorial that will not only explain step-by-step actions, but also teach the target audience the required tasks.

In this animated video, we have made easy-to-follow graphics in the form of animated instructions that will help you learn the information about the correct filling of documents.

Video instruction for the site is a product that is very popular. The essence of this video is to tell the user about the nuances of using the site or the interface of the personal account.

You can develop a script, involve motion designers, and create a video tutorial from scratch. But you can also order a screencast - a video that was filmed on your site, and the necessary effects were added by editing. Screencast creation is a great solution for low-budget projects.

You can order a video instruction at affordable prices on our website or by calling (+371) 27533334

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