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Video advertising of company Befit24

The best way to showcase your product or service to the target audience is through an advertising video!

Thanks to the original solution and scenario development from the specialists of the Video Service advertising agency, the goal in creating the commercial at an affordable price was successfully completed.

The essence of the video was to compare the advertised body posture corrector from our customer with an ordinary life jacket.

Inspired by this idea, we managed to develop an advertising slogan, as well as the concept of a commercial.

To clearly demonstrate your product in action has not yet been so simple and effective.

This video not only provides information about the product, but also shows it in action, showing the viewer the life situation.

That is why one of the most important points was to conduct a casting and choose the right model for filming, so that the demonstration of the advertised product was more successful.

In turn, the storyboard of the video helped the client imagine what the finished video would look like before shooting.

In order to save and reduce costs, shooting in the studio was the right decision! Also, thanks to the use of chromakey, professional editing and overlaying graphics, we managed to create the illusion of shooting on board an airplane. And to improve perception and a sense of reality, quality color correction helped.

befit24 1

befit24 2

And of course, the narrator's voice acting, which not only enhanced the effect of the atmosphere of being on board the plane with a real flight attendant, but explained in detail how to use the advertised product.

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