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Presentation of the cryptocurrency embassy "CRYPTOCASH"

The video presentation about Cryptocash was made in a simple style with minimal information.

In this video, we had to show the work of the company from the inside, everything that workers do every day.

We shot this video in one shot. And we did it thanks to a clearly formulated thought, as well as a written script and storyboard. Using these items, we were able to visually see what we had not yet removed.

The shooting took place in the main office of the client, as this is the best place to show how the team works.

One of the important roles of this video was played by casting selected actors who performed the necessary actions at the right time.

The conclusion of this video was shots taken with the drone.

Since the main idea was to shoot in one frame, the installation did not take much time and effort.

The openness of the company leaves positive emotions and inspires confidence.

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