Animated advertisement for the company "EXCHANGE EXPRESS" on LED screens

Animated video advertising is good because it is not limited in application and placements. The animation clip will fit perfectly both on the Internet, and on the streets and other public places.

The video made for EXCHANGE EXPRESS currency exchange points is intended for placement on LED screens at airports in Russia and Latvia.

The idea and wishes of the client served as the basis for writing the script. For a better result, we made a storyboard so that the client saw what the finished project would look like.

The next stage of work is video editing. This video did not require voiceover services or sound effects.

Advertising will be shown on different LED screens, so one of the requirements was to adapt the video for each screen separately.

Animated video ads shown on modern LED screens look beautiful and attract people's attention.

Videoservice Studio is engaged in the production of animated video ads, rental and customization of LED screens. Our advertising will profitably advertise your product or service to potential customers!