Informative educational animated video for the Enterprises register of the Republic of Latvia

Is it possible to show the audience complex and incomprehensible information? Yes, when it comes to the Videoservice studio and the style of the animated video!

The video was produced for the Enterprises register of the Republic of Latvia.

Initially, it may seem that the purpose of this video is advertising, however, it is not. Provide important information in the form of an animated movie, this is the main point. The information presented by the animated characters is very simple, despite the deep and legal message!

One of the main principles in creating an animated video is the quality work in writing text, as well as voice over, because it is through the sound path that the audience receives basic information.

A careful selection of characters allows you to more accurately associate the script with visualization, and the right choice of 2D locations adds surroundings and the right mood. All this makes the video simple and straightforward.

The eye-catching illustrations turned a heavy, legal text into a cartoon, the message of which will be clear to any viewer.

In this video, life stories were involved and on their basis a unique scenario was invented.

Animation video can have different meanings, it can be advertising, informative video, video training and much more. This style has no boundaries!

Videoservice Studio will help you find the key to your target audience.

Trust us!