Social advertising

Animated social advertising for the State Inspectorate for the Protection of Children's Rights.

To familiarize children and adolescents with the potential threat in the Internet environment is the main goal of social advertising.

The main threats are:

Trolling - social bullying and provocations in network communication,

Phishing is an online fraud that aims to gain access to user information,

Cyberbullying - Sending threats or comments to a victim that degrades her dignity.

The Internet Safety Information Video is a useful tool for children to understand the risks of the Internet in plain language.

You can find more of our 2D animations in our section: Animated advertising.

Our animation and graphics are very familiar and understandable for children and teenagers.

2D animated video is a cartoon or hand-drawn animation performed in different formats.

Videoservice studio will make for you social advertising not only in the style of a 2D animated video, but also in the form of a live video.

What is 2D animation? This is the animation of objects or characters in two-dimensional space. When creating Disney cartoons such as The Lion King, Bambi and others, this style of animation was used. 2D is a drawing on paper, which was later brought to life with the help of graphic animation.

Want to order an informational video for your school curriculum? Or maybe a video presentation to promote your business? Or do you just want to order 2D animation? Videoservice studio will take into account all your wishes and make any video for you!

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