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Social video infographics.

Social infographics for the State Inspectorate for the Protection of Children's Rights.

Children and adolescents often face such problems in the Internet environment as account hacking, bullying and grooming - threats in various manifestations. In order to protect against threats, it is recommended to follow the rules for safe Internet use.

It is easy to tell the target audience about the rules for using the Internet using infographics - the main goal of this video.

One of the most popular questions from our clients: what is an infographic?

Video infographics are high-quality advertising for a couple of minutes, in which there is very little visual text and a lot of useful graphic information.

There are two main types of infographics: infographics for posters, banners and other information materials, as well as animated 2D infographics.

Most popular categories:

  • Information infographics,
  • Statistical infographics,
  • Chronological infographics,
  • Resume and others.

The infographics in the form of social advertising from Videoservice will raise awareness of the problems and explain their solution in simple language.

Where to order video infographics? At Videoservice!

How much does video infographics cost? Each client has individual wishes and ideas, so we will be able to tell the exact cost of the video only after receiving a brief or detailed information.

You can use our infographics everywhere - on Youtube, Instagram and other social networks, in cinemas, on TV or as outdoor advertising, for example, on LED screens.

Social advertising plays an important role in raising children. You can order social videos for the Internet environment, educational films for school programs and much more at the Videoservice studio.

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