Hand drawn video animation - Doodle

Doodle-video or Whiteboard video (Whiteboard animation) are dynamic and highly effective commercials in the form of animated presentations or infographics.

An animated video with a drawing hand under the voice acting of a professional announcer will tell about your company and present your product or service in a simple and affordable way.

Doodle video for your website, Youtube channel, mobile app, or online training - Drawn video can be applied anywhere.

Hand-drawn animation is suitable as a training video or commercial.

Why Doodle Style? It is a very interesting style with simple and original graphics. A good script is the key to the success of any selling video. The storyboard made by our artist will allow us to visualize the implementation of the idea for the customer before the animation of the video. Therefore, the result is guaranteed to meet your expectations!

Freeze frames

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