Animated social advertising

The video filming and animation studio Videoservice has created a cycle of social videos in the form of modern video animation about people who are deaf or hard of hearing on the order of the Ministry of Welfare of Latvia.

The task of this project is to create a unique concept of social videos with the most understandable problem and solution. That is why for the majority of videos about deaf or hard of hearing people, we have chosen an animated format - 2D cartoons. These Animated Explainer Videos are great for all your tasks.

The entire implementation of the project was divided into several parts, namely: writing a unique script with a storyboard, choosing an animation style, recording a voiceover, and directly editing the video itself, on which a professional animator worked. The final part of the project - edits from the customer and the choice of audio.

Informational cartoons can serve as an excellent video advertisement for your business or individual product.

You can order a video with infographics from us to visualize serious information in a colorful and easy-to-understand form.

Social video is primarily intended for social media.

We will select the necessary visual solution to make the video as intelligible and understandable as possible.

Freeze frames

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