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Explainer video for the Insolvency Control Service

An explainer is a video that presents and describes your product, service or business as a whole.

This explanatory video was made by order of the Insolvency Control Service of the Republic of Latvia.

Any video project begins with writing a quality text, which is worked on by a screenwriter, copywriter, director and marketer. For a successful result, the team connects the video animator and motion designer already in the process of writing the script.

Having artistic illustrations from a professional graphic designer is the recipe for a beautiful video.

The main advantage of video explainers is that instead of traditional video filming with actors, computer graphics are used. However, there are times when 2d and 3d are used in conjunction with live videos.

Video infographics, character animation, stop motion or whiteboard animation - the presence of different video designs allows you to create a video of any format, for any purpose, without direct advertising!

Videoservice studio will make an explainer video for you, selling video in graphic style or live footage!

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