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Animated promo video for Abillio

Video production studio Videoservice offers services for creating 2D promotional animation of any of your goods or services!

This image video in the style of 2D cartoon animation for the company Abillio perfectly shows that even not a simple, innovative service can be presented in a beautiful and accessible style of traditional animation. It should be noted that in this video design, 2D characters from the customer's website were used in order to preserve the overall design of the company. At the request of the client, a 2D artist can draw 2D characters for every taste and color! 2D character animation is beautiful and profitable, because you do not need to spend money and time searching for locations, choosing actors and shooting high-quality video advertising.

Our 2D animators will bring to life the ideas of the 2D characters creator and clients. Professional 2D animation is perfect for advertising in social networks, as well as on TV or as mobile advertising.

You can order a company promo video, explainer video or any other commercial to promote your business at Videoservice studio. You can also order an animated logo from us. Creative logo animation is possible separately!

We know how to make beautiful 2D animation and increase the profitability of your business!

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