Explainer 2D animation for the Ministry of Welfare.

2D animation is one of the most effective ways to visualize ideas for your services or products.

These explanatory 2D video explainers were made by order of the Ministry of Welfare of the Republic of Latvia.

The kind of 2D animation can be used in education advertising, online advertising, multimedia projects, video games and many other areas. When working on 2D animation, we use frame-by-frame animation technology, which allows you to create interesting and memorable materials that will help you convey the idea to the audience and interest them in your product.

There are such varieties of animated videos as 2D video infographics, 2D promos, 2D advertisements, explainers and character animation.

Our studio works with professional announcers all over the world, thanks to this we can create video ads in any language, with professional voiceovers.

When ordering an explanatory 2D animation from the Videoservice studio, we will tell you about your business in a profitable and understandable way using the latest trends in the world of motion design and marketing!

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