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EgoPERFECTUS corporate film

A corporate film is a powerful marketing tool for a company.

With its help, the company can talk with the audience, promoting its products or services and attracting new customers.

For the implementation of the project, at the request of egoPERFECTUS, we chose the presentation video since it is most suitable for the client's requests.

The concept of the film is to present the company's services and show video reviews of grateful client.

The selection of locations for filming was not needed, because our film crew went to workplaces to see the heroes of the film.

After the video sequence was edited for the selected musical composition, visual design was made in accordance with the corporate style, logo animation and color correction.

There are different types of corporate videos such as:

  • image video,
  • film for exhibitions stand,
  • video report,
  • HR film to represent the company as an employer,
  • IR film to attract investors,
  • presentation film for the presentation of the entire company or a specific service, product,
  • promo video.

A screenwriter and director work on each project, they write a literary script and develop a shooting plan. The task of the videographer and director is to shoot high-quality video material, and the editor, in turn, will edit professional video from it.

At your request, we can add any graphic footage, archive footage, drone footage and much more.

You need a film about a company, a presentation of a service or a video catalog of products? Feel free to contact the Videoservice studio, we will help you!

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