Real-time multi-camera video recording with the ability to broadcast to a screen or the Internet.

Multi-camera shooting is a professional type of video shooting in order to capture the full picture of an ongoing concert or event. During theatrical productions, television shows and concerts, there are often several simultaneous actions worthy of attention, but usually they occur in different places, which complicates their shooting with a single camera. This problem can be easily solved if shooting the event with multiple cameras. Our company has experience in complex video shooting during music concerts, corporate evenings, press conferences, exhibitions and seminars, sports competitions and other large-scale, significant events. Multi-camera shooting helps to improve the expressiveness of the image, gives dynamics and volume to the video sequence. This type of shooting is indispensable on television and in the cinema - it is often used when shooting stage projects, especially during dialogs and action scenes.

The multi-camera shooting service offered by Videoservice is not only an interesting and high-quality video, but also professionally shot, edited material.

  • Multi-camera shooting of the Pink Ribbon Night charity evening, Zurich
  • Multi-camera shooting of the music festival “Amber Live”, Jurmala
  • Video shot of a corporate evening using a camera crane, Riga
  • Video of Lido Junior Hockey Team, Latvia
  • Multi-camera shooting hairdressing contest "Wella TrendVision", Latvia
  • Multi-camera shooting of the music concert of OE TV channel, Latvia

What is included in the multi-camera shooting service?

  1. The work of the director of photography and the development of filming plans
  2. The work of operators and video engineer
  3. Professional camcorders (from 2 to 8)
  4. Telephoto optics
  5. Film editor, who coordinates the work of the operators through the intercom
  6. It is possible to use a camera crane with a controlled head
  7. Connecting a computer to display presentations, titles or graphic design
  8. It is possible to organize broadcast in Full HD format on plasma screens or projectors
  9. Recording Mounted Material to a Digital Recorde

NEW! Multi-camera shooting with the ability to broadcast online.

Internet video broadcastRecently, live webcasts of ongoing events are gaining popularity. Videoservice can offer an integrated approach to multi-camera shooting of an event and organizing high-quality Internet broadcasts to increase the number of viewers. Online broadcasts are carried out using professional filming, sound and switching equipment. In real time, editing and recording of the footage is carried out, while maintaining high quality video (SD, HD, full-HD or 4K video). The director uses a video mixer to switch signals from different cameras. If necessary, there is the possibility of online overlaying titles, logos and any other graphics. The output signal is generated in FullHD format and can be converted to any desired format, depending on the current speed of the Internet connection.

Pros of multi-camera shooting

Competition Video

  1. The event is filmed from different points, which gives maximum coverage of various plans and angles, scenes that occur simultaneously in different places are recorded.
  2. It is possible to use additional equipment (steadicam, slider, crane, copter and so on.)
  3. Unlimited editing options, thanks to diverse frames at the stage of video shooting.
  4. Professional capabilities of PTS (mobile television studio): live editing in real time, manual shooting in online mode, broadcasting to a screen or the Internet, recording in any format.

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