Multi-camera shooting of the quiz "I know everything!"

Attract new customers by broadcasting to the Internet!

Studio "Videoservice" organizes online broadcasts of your events.

This time we organized multi-camera filming of the “I know everything” program, which allowed us to see all the emotions of the participants from different angles.

We work with professional equipment for filming various events.

Modern technologies allow us to display graphics, titles and other information on the air, as well as conduct broadcasts.

We record the broadcast for further actions, such as creating a report video or promoting the entire broadcast on the Internet.

We broadcast live both in the studio for broadcasting and on the road, so we can easily organize an online conference for you, broadcast medical events and much more.

In view of the current situation in the world, hybrid events have become a new reality in modern business, during which participants who met face-to-face connect to remote participants for conversation or discussion.

For events in open space, it is also possible to broadcast using a quadcopter (aerial filming). If you need high-quality broadcasting of conferences and TV programs, online broadcasting of concerts or sports events, we will offer you the best solution according to your budget.


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