Object photo and video

The success of a business largely depends on high-quality advertising of a product or service. When it comes to a product, the visual presentation of your product plays an important role. The more beautiful and true your product looks in a photo or video, the more likely it will be bought. Product photography and product video are great options to showcase the appearance and design of the advertised product.


In this article, we will take a closer look at subject photography, as well as subject video filming, and tell you how these processes affect the increase in sales of your product. If you do not have professional photo and video equipment to make object photography for an online store, brochure or catalog, we will organize and shoot any of your goods.

The Videoservice studio produces professional product video and photography both in its studio and on location. You can simply send your product to us with the terms of reference for shooting, and then we will do everything ourselves!

Object photography

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It's no secret that professional product photography is the foundation of any business. This genre of photography is used literally wherever the phrase "product" or "goods" appears. As you can understand from the phrase, we are talking about photographing an object in such a way as to advertise it from the best side. The job of a professional object photographer is to showcase the best qualities and characteristics of a product, design and other significant elements. It is important for the object photographer to achieve the most advantageous angles so that the client's product compares favorably with the competitors' products.

Any object, from a hairbrush to a diamond, can be the object of a object photography, for professional photography of which you need shooting and lighting equipment and an experienced photographer.

Why is a object photo what you need?

  • Firstly, with the development of Internet technologies, people are increasingly buying goods on the Internet, they cannot come and see, touch or try on this or that product. The task of object photography is to convey to the client as much as possible all those feelings that he would have experienced if he saw the selected product live.
  • Secondly, product photography is used for booklets, catalogs and art albums. There are two types of object photography: object photography of an isolated object and a group of objects.

Generally, the easiest is to shoot one or a group of objects against a white background. This is the most common and very effective way to show individual details of an object or an object as a whole. This kind of product photography is popular for online stores or catalogs.


What is food styling?

We should also mention food photography. The so-called food styling is a fairly new and very rapidly developing direction in object photography. Food stylists play the main role in this area - they are professional stylists in the field of advertising photography. Their task is to make beautiful photos of food so that they look appetizing. Very often, a variety of techniques are used for food photography for an attractive look. These can be plastic products, liquids, and more. A good example of photographing food is a burger. It looks very appetizing and attractive, but believe me, in most cases, such photos are very different from what you will be served in a restaurant.

Professional Photo Equipment

It is worth mentioning the technique, without the use of which no object photo shoot can do. The camera is the most important tool, the final result depends on it. Sure, you can set up your studio lighting correctly and come up with creative angles, but without a good camera, you won't achieve a good result. If you do not need extra quality, you can use the cameras of the latest smartphone models. In general, the meaning is simple, the higher the task, the higher resolution the matrix should have in your camera. Very popular cameras for such photo shoots: Canon 5D Mark III, Canon 80D and others. If you are doing product photography, then you just need to have in your arsenal the Laowa 24mm f / 14 2x Macro Probe lens. With its help, you can make macro photography of any object. Using this lens, you can capture the finest and finest details with high quality. A lightbox for object photography is also a very useful thing that makes the photographer's work easier.

Object video

Professional object video shooting is the same tool for promoting your business by increasing sales. The difference between object video and object photo is hidden in the phrase itself. But then the question arises of what to choose? You must answer this question yourself. Object video is used to create marketing videos for television, online stores, and so on. Video filming of goods is a more painstaking and expensive process than photography. However, you should not compare and choose the cheaper option, as it may be less useful for your business.

The task of a professional video operator is to choose the right lighting solution and show the product from the best angles. However, not only operators are involved in the process of shooting goods and products, professional marketers, directors, designers and editors are working on the result.

Below you can see a great example of targeted advertising.

How much does object photography cost?

Basically, there are three types of pricing: time-lapse, where the price depends on the number of frames, hourly, where the photographer charges for the time spent during the shooting process and a full day. All this applies to professional photography of objects. Also, the price depends on the location. Object photography in the studio will be cheaper than on the road, because the photographer will have to carry a lot of equipment to the location, expose lighting and spend money on the road. It is important to understand that the price of photographing objects can vary from 100 Euros to 1,000 and even more. It all depends on the subject itself and the desired result.

With object videos, things are a little different. Here it is more difficult to determine the price for the captured and edited video, since the orders are radically different from each other. A unique script from a professional director, filming at different locations and the complexity of implementing the idea can greatly increase the cost of the order. However, any object video can be made even for a small budget, if there is a well-thought-out idea that does not require a lot of investment.

Describe your product to us and for what purpose you need to shoot it and we will send you the cost and terms of the order within a working day.


Object photography and video shooting - increase business income?

When you go shopping, you see counters with goods that you can touch and evaluate visually, these two actions can motivate you to buy something new. Online sales have long overtaken all the success of real sales, but why? After all, on the Internet you cannot touch, consider from all sides, try, in the end! It's all about marketing, which cannot exist without subject photos and videos. Product photos and videos are the main visual tool for convincing customers. Most of the subject photography and video are used on such sites as amazon.com, ebay.com, alibaba.com.

On the Internet, you are shown only the most beautiful, the most aesthetic, and often not the most realistic. Buying goods on the Internet is much more convenient than going to stores. This is why product photography is so important in any business. The winner is the one whose product looks more attractive, and the technical characteristics fade into the background.

Selling clothes on Facebook is also very popular and in this case you can't do without object photography. In general, we can say that selling goods on Facebook is a very convenient and thoughtful service that allows you to sell your shoes, equipment or even diamonds without having your own website or online store!

Recent trend, subject photo for Instagram. The main thing in this service is beautiful photos. Marketers believe that Instagram is very beneficial for the sale of any product, since in the feed, among ordinary everyday photos, a beautiful subject photo will always make you draw attention to itself.

There is no doubt that product photos and videos are no longer a luxury among sellers. This is a necessity in order to fully compete in the market.

In our studio you can order a object photo and video, or rent the necessary equipment and studio for self-filming!