Advertising photo - original, stylish, emotionally

Videoservice studio creates original advertising photos, which can in a few seconds describe your product or company in more detail than the most detailed description.

Bright, expressive advertising photo is both a work of art and an effective tool for marketing communications. Concise, colourful image performs several tasks at once: attracts attention; presents the advertised object from the best angle, provides a maximum of information; triggers emotions that motivate to buy a product or use a service; develops an image of the company or product.

Emotional, creative advertising photos are used for: packing of goods; printed products (catalogues, calendars, booklets, flyers); images for magazines and newspapers; outdoor advertising (billboards, city lights, banners, posters, showcases); elements of interior design, POS-materials, exhibition structures; websites.

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Advertising photo - 1000 ways to have an effect on the audience

Videoservice studio performs the following types of shooting, depending on the place of the photo shoot:

  1. Studio photo, created in the specially equipped premises;
  2. Outdoor photo shoot, produced in vivo.

Videoservice studio specialists deal with the following genres of advertising photo: reportage, genre, landscape, panorama, interior, object, portrait.

Studio photo should be produced in the specially equipped premises, live or outdoor photo – in the open air. Images are further processed on the computer in the graphic editors, ensuring the best image quality, and adding certain effects. The shooting should be done by the real master with the use of the special equipment in order to create a high-quality, original photo.

Videoservice studio provides services of professional photo shooting of the objects, models, scenes and events - from the idea to the finished image. 20 years of experience, advanced equipment, creative approach - all these details allow making unique photos. Attractive prices, individual approach to the clients, excellent service make cooperation with the company profitable and enjoyable.

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