Video presentation is one of the best tools of the development of your business!

Do you wish to catch the interest of the business partners and clients, provide them the necessary information in the most accessible and understandable way? Are you interested in an effective advertising? The company «Videoservice Studio» is always ready to help you. We offer shooting of the most interesting and relevant video presentations with the use of the latest video production means, techniques and tools for you and your audience.

We will make a presentation of your company in the form of an interview in a specially equipped studio with the latest technology!

At your service:

  • teleprompter, like a TV announcer
  • shooting with multiple cameras with mounting directly on the set
  • professional sound and light
  • the ability to add graphics, animation, and your presentations to video
  • the possibility of direct broadcasting to the Internet
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Price from 80 euros!

Our works

What is video presentation?

Everyone knows that business success is very dependent on the impression at the first meeting with the clients and partners, which can be created with the help of video presentation. This is a video clip of short duration, which allows presenting the maximum amount of information in a short time.

Please do not confuse video presentation with the corporate video clip or film. The latter is intended to provide any information about the company, its history, development and operation, while the video presentation can show all the benefits of your product or service, highlight any event or celebration.

«PowerPoint» slide sets, which are prepared by amateurs, are no longer able to surprise anyone. If you are anxious for success, you should contact the employees of the company «Videoservice Studio», who are real professionals.

Why to choose us?

Real masters of video shooting and editing of the company «Videoservice Studio» will be constantly consulting with you and will be able to create a video presentation that will convince your target audience to cooperate with you. In addition, the cooperation with our company has a variety of other benefits:

  1. Creativity - a fresh look to the even most threadbare themes and issues, very talented designers, writers and editors, a lot of new and interesting ideas - all this can serve you;
  2. Accessibility - compare our prices with other professional studios, and you will see all the benefits of the cooperation with us;
  3. Large range of services - you can order not only video presentations;
  4. Practically everything, which involves video shooting and editing, can be organized and created in the shortest possible time;
  5. individual approach - we do not use templates and standard solutions. Each client can describe his wishes and desired result - we only advise and implement our and his ideas.

Do you have a question or would you like to order a calculation of the cost of your order?

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