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RIO in three days. Extreme tourism - new style for active people

This time, the Videoservice team visited the Brazilian city of Rio. For three days we filmed the actions of our protagonist, who enjoyed the sea, beautiful landscapes and extreme sports.

For the video, we chose the video presentation format to show viewers a new travel format with extreme sports.

This video was shot in many places, sometimes the shooting conditions were very extreme.

In order to capture all the emotions and actions of the hero, we also used action cameras.

The final stage of the process is editing, color correction and selection of music. These points are no less important, therefore, we always pay attention to them, so that the viewer experiences the same sensations as the main character.

The Videoservice team will create a video that will become the hallmark of your service.

Freeze frames

  • RIO_Dangerous_paradise2
  • RIO_Dangerous_paradise3
  • RIO_Dangerous_paradise4
  • RIO_Dangerous_paradise5


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