Video presentation of the exhibition in the ART PLATZ gallery.

Demonstrating an event is easy and simple when a video presentation comes to the rescue.

ART PLATZ Gallery organized an exhibition, and we videotaped this event.

The client’s ideas are the basis for the script, and the storyboard helps to materialize the writing.

Immersing the viewer in the atmosphere of art, as well as creating the illusion of being on the other side of the screen, was our main task. This time we decided to shoot the exhibition in one shot in the first person, using the steadicam system. This created the feeling that the viewer himself walks through the gallery. By adding sound effects, we were able to “revive” the picture. And color correction at the installation stage added bright colors and enhanced the effect.

Thanks to video editing and graphics, we added special effects, creating a mysterious mood.

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Freeze frames

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