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Promo video.

A promo video is a great solution for presenting yourself as an athlete or advertising your fitness club.

We shoot not only with professional video cameras, but also rent them out. For dynamic shooting, we use steadicam or gimbal, depending on the shooting conditions. Slow motion footage can be obtained both during filming and at the postproduction stage.

Thanks to the correctly selected location and the exposed lighting, the video is stylish and dynamic.

Such a video will take pride of place on the home page of your fitness club or serve as an excellent intro for a YouTube channel.

Are you a fitness blogger? Not sure how to effectively motivate your audience? You are the best example for your audience. That is why a motivational video must be dynamic and effective!

Dreaming of creating your own video blog, but you don't know how to edit? Online editing services for Videoservice studio is the right solution. We create videos from your footage at the most affordable price. How to order online installation? Click here and choose the required service package.

Freeze frames

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