Social video

By order of the Latvian Ministry of Welfare, social videos were produced to inspire parents with deaf or hard of hearing children to learn Latvian Sign Language.

For each video, a scenario and a shooting concept were developed. One of the locations was a video studio with a neutral background, on which titles are well read.

Under the direction of the director, filming according to the script went smoothly and dynamically.

the videos are positive and inspiring.

To achieve a quality result, we use professional studio lighting, wireless headset for distortion-free voice recording.

The multi-camera video option, combined with a well-chosen background and composition, allows you to choose the desired shooting angle and make the video more interesting.

Also, often for filming interviews, a chromakey is used - a green background, with which, during the editing process, we can easily change the background to any video, screensaver or graphic element.

Video editing, color correction and selection of a suitable musical composition are the final stage of video production.

At the request of the customer, you can add graphics, animation, titles of any language, screensavers and much more.

 You don't have to rent a teleprompter or teleprompter, as we provide all professional video equipment for filming interviews.

News stories and reportage videos are an integral part of video content on the Internet and on television. At the heart of any professionally filmed video reportage is a question-answer system, during which a storyline emerges.

Videoservice also produces interviews for TV shows, news blogs and video ads.

Custom-made video filming of interviews will be the perfect addition to any documentary or news story.

Want to book an interview? Do you need to shoot a reportage or a commercial? Videoservice studio will make videos of any complexity for you!

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