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Video presentation of "Personal Brand Academy"

Order a video presentation to attract new customers and inform regular customers about the new service! This business video was created by order of the Personal Brand Academy.

Our videographers and director will prepare a suitable script for your chosen task.

 Already at the stage of storyboarding, we planned the video filming of the representatives of the Academy, satisfied customers with reviews and graphics. It was the 2D animation that added information and adorned the video.

This is a selling video, the purpose of which was not only to advertise the company, but also the service itself.

A business presentation will professionally tell you about a product, service or company.

A video presentation of a company has different tasks:

  • Information value,
  • Commercial value,
  • Strategic value.

Studio "Videoservice" offers a wide range of video creation services for business.

We not only produce professional video filming of commercials, our studio is also engaged in filming conferences, concerts.

Contact us and get a free consultation from a Videoservice employee.

Freeze frames

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