Rental of LED Screens

Along with the development of technologies, the method of information presentation is changing, and today it is quite difficult to imagine any event without projection screens. It doesn’t matter what kind of event is organised, a wedding, a concert, an exhibition, a show, a conference or a large event, such as city day, almost always the stage should be decorated with screens during such events.

None performance of artists today can be held without large screens that are designed for a large audience.

rental of led screen for concert

If you decide to rent a screen, then you need to know that the rental price depends on several components:

  • screen size,
  • installation method,
  • accompanying services.

You may also need to transport personnel and equipment to the venue.

The specialists of the Company “Videoservice” will instruct you on the installation of all necessary equipment and preparation of content, and, upon necessity, will provide information on photo and video recording, broadcasting on screens and on the Internet.

Scene Equipment Elements. How to Choose?

Having decided to rent a screen, you need to answer several important questions:

  1. For which tasks the screen is intended.
  2. Which is the size and type of the venue.
  3. How many participants are going to participate in the event.
  4. Which are the lighting conditions.
  5. Which budget is planned to be allocated.

The most beneficial option, as well as convenient in terms of installation, is the rental of a screen and a projector. However, there are certain limitations:

  • If you plan to use such equipment on the street, then this can be done during hours of darkness and in a narrow temperature range.
  • The brightness of the image will depend on the darkness of the room.
  • A certain distance is required for the picture to open.

LED screens help to avoid these restrictions!

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  • led-screen-for-concerts
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  • led-screens_large
  • led-screens_medium
  • led-screens_small
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Why You Should Choose Us

This decision requires the installation of special mountings and the experienced technician should accompany the event.

If you need a screen for the background of the scene, rental of LED screens is a good option, as they perfectly cope with this task. You can also use plasma panels, which due to their small size can be placed around the entire perimeter of the venue. One of their main advantages is that they can be connected to the same network for general broadcasting, or each panel will broadcast separate content.

Videoservice specialists will help you decide which screen is the best for your event.


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