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Promotional video for the Belarusian symphony orchestra "Olympia Classic"

Customer: Olympia Classic

Technologies used:

Technique: Electronic stabilization system

Location and date of filming: Latvia, 2019

Our company filmed the concert of the Belarusian symphony orchestra “Olympia Classic”. Video shooting took place in the Riga Dome Cathedral.

The main requirement of the customer was that from the footage it was possible to make a dynamic promotional video for posting in social services. networks, and the use of video as an advertisement to promote a concert tour.

We managed to make such a video using multi-camera shooting, professional editing and high-quality color correction.

The result of our work is an atmospheric video, from which it is breathtaking even to those who are distant from classical music.

The videoservice will help you to film a concert, provide live broadcast to the network, and also mount a video with the message you need.

Freeze frames

  • Screenshot_2019-10-14_at_134041
  • Screenshot_2019-10-14_at_134126
  • Screenshot_2019-10-14_at_134146
  • Screenshot_2019-10-14_at_134206
  • Screenshot_2019-10-14_at_134229
  • Screenshot_2019-10-14_at_134254
  • Screenshot_2019-10-14_at_134309


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