Video recording of the MATIA BAZAR concert

Video production studio Videoservice offers video recording services for concerts in Riga and around the world!

This Video recording of the concert of the Italian group Matia Bazar will serve as an excellent visiting card of the musical group.

We shoot concert videos and LIVE clips. You can also order a live broadcast of the concert from us, which will allow all viewers to enjoy the performance of their favorite artist, and those who could not get to the event will be able to watch the video recording of the concert.

Multi-camera video recording of the concert and a stabilization system allow you to get more beautiful shots, and a professional camera crane allows you to diversify the footage with interesting angles, making the shooting more dynamic.

We know how to properly film festivals, concerts and other public events!

  • matia_bazar_demo.mp4_1080p.00_02_33_22.Still001
  • matia_bazar_demo.mp4_1080p.00_03_46_11.Still002
  • matia_bazar_demo.mp4_1080p.00_07_31_16.Still003
  • matia_bazar_demo.mp4_1080p.00_09_25_13.Still004
  • matia_bazar_demo.mp4_1080p.00_14_08_06.Still006
  • matia_bazar_demo.mp4_1080p.00_15_12_02.Still005

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