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Rocket Bag - Video promotion

Promotional video is a great way to show the consumer your product or service.

Video advertisement of the Rocket Bag product is a confirmation of this. The product shown in the video is a vest with pockets, which can be used in a variety of life situations.

Thanks to the script and storyboard, the client was able to see the finished idea before shooting.

Casting helped us choose 6 suitable actors for the roles.

This shot was made in the studio on a white background due to the fact that our idea did not include locations on the background of actions. In addition, shooting on a white background or chromakey is a great way to save money on locations without losing video quality.

Correctly stated by our customer thoughts allowed us to create an advertisement in which areas of application are shown.

Installation has become one of the most important points in the creation of this video. He not only combined all the ideas he had taken, but also added information, due to which the video became advertising. High-quality editing is not only beautiful graphics, but also the correct color correction, as well as working with sound.

All the nuances of using a universal bag Rocket Bag explains the voice acting.

Videoservice Studio will become your partner in creating an advertising video of a product or service!

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