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Promotional clip for Liberty International Tourism Group

Beautiful landscapes, architecture and unusual forms of entertainment - these frames will attract the attention of anyone! This ad was made for Liberty Int, a travel services company.

Typically, a promotional video includes useful information in the form of visualizations. In this video, the Videoervice studio in a short time contained beautiful locations, delicious footage and entertainment - everything that a client can expect if he turns to our customer.

The good weather and professionalism of our employees allowed us to capture picturesque places and events while on the ground and in the air using camera and aerial photography.

The written scenario and storyboard made it possible to know more precisely the wishes of the client.

After a thorough video editing and color grading, the video turned out to be very dynamic and beautiful!

The video will be useful to companies that work for corporate tourists. A promotional video of this style will tell about the program of the tourist program better than any manager.

Freeze frames

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  • liberty2
  • liberty3
  • liberty4


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