Tech Industry 2022 Exhibition video review

The video report on the Tech Industry 2022 exhibition is an excellent example of the fact that such video presentations are not only informative, but also an excellent advertisement for exhibitors and useful information for visitors!

Videoservice studio has been professionally creating videos for exhibitions for more than 20 years. Thanks to video filming of exhibitions, as well as high-quality video advertising, the attendance of these events increases. Placing a video on social networks and on the website of the company participating in the exhibition is an opportunity for additional advertising and visibility, which is the most effective digital marketing tool.

Of course, in order to look bright and attract the attention of visitors, exhibitors need effective advertising at the exhibition itself as well. Graphic banners, promotional videos of the company, advertising and promotional offers on ice screens - all this is an integral part of any exhibition.

Videoservice studio knows how to make a bright information promo video for your stand at the exhibition in order to attract the maximum attention of visitors!

  • TECH_INDUSTRY_2022_v2_0-00-10-03
  • TECH_INDUSTRY_2022_v2_0-00-21-10
  • TECH_INDUSTRY_2022_v2_0-00-50-20
  • TECH_INDUSTRY_2022_v2_0-01-22-20
  • TECH_INDUSTRY_2022_v2_0-01-32-15
  • TECH_INDUSTRY_2022_v2_0-01-37-06

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